Infographic Template
Infographic Template


Tell your storyline with the creation of Infographics.

Tired of searching the internet for infographic templates? Venngage makes it easy to customize free infographic templates that you can download and share with your team or clients in minutes, all from a single dashboard. As infographic template Powerpoints are important in conveying information, professionals often need to keep their designs fresh and modern.

Read on and we’ll guide you through the process of making  infographic templates in 10 easy steps using Venngage. The infographic layout process can be complex, but making infographic templates will be so much easier if you follow these steps.

1. Decide your infographic type

First things first: what type of infographic are you going to make? Choose the most suitable template accordingly once it’s clear what kind of infographic will best convey your data. There are tons of topics that can go into infographics. You may want to start with the purpose of the infographic in mind – opinion, data presentation, or storytelling? Depending on the infographic idea you choose, start taking notes about what kind of infographic design templates would be best to use.

2. Start with a Venngage template or start from scratch?

Before we start designing our infographic, let’s decide if it makes sense for us to use an infographic template at all or start from scratch!

If you are looking for inspiration, go ahead and find an infographic template google docs that fit your story well. You can always switch out individual elements later in the editing phase, but it might be a good idea to double-check  your title, content, and infographic design fit together.

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3. Customize infographic template in Venngage

Once we’ve decided to use an infographic Powerpoint template, we’ll go ahead and log in or create a free account on Venngage (if we haven’t done so already). When creating infographic templates, make sure that they are created at the proper size (we recommend designing at full scale 1:1) and that the infographic design is sized to match your brand and content.

Once we get started with Venngage for infographic templates, we’ll get to choose from Venngage’s infographic collection or upload our infographic files into Venngage (such as AI or EPS). The next step is to add text boxes that contain data into the infographic template to make it come alive like this:

<<insert picture here>>

4. Add color and style!

It’s time we add some style and color to our infographic template! Venngage makes changing fonts, font sizes, font colors, fill colors, and patterns easy. Just double-click on the material you want to edit and begin making changes and customizations such as borders. Remember to add style guides for each infographic.

5. Add your infographic data

The next step is to take your infographic notes and put them into the infographic template that you’ve already customized. Then, start filling in the information boxes using Venngage’s easy-to-use infographic builder tools. Keep in mind to make sure all of your infographic elements are professional-looking, like these examples:

<<insert infographic here>>

6. Save and download the infographic template!

Once we’re done designing our infographic template, we can save it and download it to use later on or share it with clients or employees directly from Venngage (and even upload it to our server). With Venngage, you get unlimited access to high-quality infographic templates (so check out their infographic templates collection) that you can use to create unlimited infographics for free!

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7. Add infographic elements using Venngage infographic maker!

Now that we’ve finished designing our infographic template, the next step is to add infographic elements such as charts, graphs, and images into each section of our infographic template. This will make it more dynamic and interactive for readers by adding more stylish ways to present your data – a key element in making a successful infographic. You can easily drag and drop images onto templates, resize them accordingly and edit the presentation in your Venngage infographics.

8. Make final adjustments to the infographic template

Now that we’ve finished designing our infographic template in Venngage, it’s time to make a few more last-minute changes, such as color schemes, before saving your infographic file! Here are some helpful tips on making sure your infographic template is ready:

Choose the right color scheme for your infographic design (avoiding too many colors)

– Find suitable fonts that match infographic design

9. Export infographic template!

Finally, once you’re done designing your infographic template in Venngage, it’s time to export the infographic into an infographic file that almost anyone on any device can open. We’ll use the same steps as creating the infographic, except for this time, we’ll choose “export” instead of “share” when saving our infographic file…almost there!

10. Share with collaborators or clients!

Now that our infographic is all finished, it’s time to share it with others – whether they are part of your team or simply someone interested in seeing what you’ve created. When sharing infographics online, Venngage makes this easy for us by automatically generating images and embed codes for infographic sharing across social media and other online platforms such as blogs. This infographic template is now ready to use! Now create an infographics sample with Venngage’s infographic templates collection!

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Repeat steps 1 to 10 until satisfied with the results

It may take a few times before getting an infographic template that works best for you and your infographic project c. There are tons of infographic templates, but the obstacle is making it easy to create using an infographic maker. With Venngage’s infographic maker, creating infographic templates is so much easier!

Remember: infographic templates can guide you, but don’t let them limit you. They should inspire you and help guide your infographic – not control it! After all, infographic templates are just a part of infographic design where we express ourselves creatively by choosing colors, fonts, and layouts.


You did it! Your infographic is ready for publishing/sharing online, where people can see your Venngage infographic template and use it for infographic templates.