Help children with learning difficulties
Help children with learning difficulties

Do you know how important proper nutrition is for children with learning difficulties? Today, one in eight children faces this problem, including those with Down syndrome. One Dr. Ruth Harrell , when she found out about a child with Down syndrome, whose IQ increased after the appropriate diet change from 20 to 90 points, could not ignore it. She decided to deal with the problem of children who suffered from mental development disorders. She claimed that they need a much greater need for vitamins and minerals. How to help children with learning difficulties?

The first study involved 22 mentally retarded students. The children were divided into two groups. One group received increased doses of vitamins and minerals and the other group received a placebo. The results were fantastic, after just 4 months IQ in the first group increased by 5 to 9.6 points, and in the placebo group, no changes were observed. Therefore, it was decided to extend the study by another 4 months. This time, both groups were given vitamin and mineral preparations. As suspected, the results have improved. The average increase in IQ was as much as 10.2 points. Several children even improved their IQ by 10 to 25 points.

Today there are many documented cases of children with Down syndrome whose IQ has risen by 10 to 40 points.

Increase not only in IQ. How to help children with learning difficulties?
These are not the only such cases. Subsequent studies have shown an increase in intelligence in autistic children with learning difficulties.

The study was conducted on 16 children. Dr. Colgan assessed the individual nutrient requirements of each child. Only half of the children received the missing relationships. All participants in the experiment attended a reading course designed to improve reading skills and accelerate mental development by one year. The study lasted exactly 22 weeks. In children who were not taking any medications, IQ increased by 8.4, and the age according to reading ability increased by 1.1 years. On the other hand, the group with the supplemented diet increased IQ by 17.9 points, and the age by 1.8 years. How to help children with learning difficulties?

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To develop properly, the brain needs essential fatty acids and phospholipids, which are part of the membranes of nerve cells. When we are low in fatty acids, we will also have a lower level of intelligence.

It is suspected that this is why breastfed babies have a higher IQ. Mother’s milk contains DHA – an essential fatty acid necessary for the proper development of the brain. How to help children with learning difficulties?

What other food contains large amounts of this substance? Fish, they also have a lot of phospholipids in their composition.

Such a slight increase in IQ by 5 points would help a huge number of children who are now considered mentally retarded (in terms of their ability to learn normally). Children could go to normal schools and the state would save a lot of money on special education. How to help children with learning difficulties? How to help children with learning difficulties?

It’s a more economical and better idea, for a fraction of that, to give your children vitamins for free.