Our teeth have a major impact on our oral health and personality. Having a perfectly straight set of teeth boosts our confidence and positively impacts our personality. We smile more often when we are socially interacting! However, orthodontic issues, such as underbite and overbite, is a major barrier  to a confident smile . They often make us anxious in front of people. Apart from making us anxious, they have a negative impact on our oral health! Underbite often leads to plaque formation, trouble in chewing and speaking, gum problems, frequent headaches, etc. Therefore, one should go for an underbite teeth treatment as soon as possible! 

Talking about underbite teeth treatment, there are several ways to fix it in today’s time. Therefore, it is imperative to go for the most comfortable and hassle-free treatment!

Wondering how to go for a smile transformation that is super-comfortable, effective, and convenient? Well, let us enlighten  you! Opt for clear aligners. They are the modern way of transforming your smile and fixing underbite teeth! Want to know more? Read this to know how to fix your underbite with clear aligners! 


How do clear aligners fix your underbite? 

Clear aligners are a set of transparent plastic trays that come with a smooth texture and are ideal for fixing your underbite teeth and giving you the smile transformation you always wanted! They fix your underbite by gently pushing the teeth to the required position without any pain or inconvenience.

They are custom-made with the help of a 3D scan of the jaw, which further enhances their functioning! Compared to traditional metal braces, which often bruise your jaw and cheeks, clear aligners come with a smooth texture and do not cause any such irritations.                                     

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Why choose clear aligners to fix your underbite? 

  • Transforms your smile in half the time

Clear aligners work in a much faster way in fixing your underbite as compared to traditional metal braces. The former takes about 12 to 18 months, whereas the latter might take up to 24 months! 

1.Improves oral health 

It is often difficult to brush and floss your teeth with conventional metal braces because of metal wire and brackets. As a result, it lowers your oral health and increases the chances of plaque, teeth discolouration, etc. However, with clear aligners, you do not face any hassle in brushing and flossing as they are completely removable. Thus, clear aligners improve your oral health and lower the risk of infections. 

2.Hardly visible to the naked eye 

For all the teens and adults who want to keep the process of fixing underbite low-key and subtle, clear aligners are the best for you. They are hardly visible to the naked eye, and do not make you conscious when you are around people! 

3.Enjoy your favourite food without any restriction 

Traditional metal braces restrict us from eating hard and chewy food items such as nuts, chewing gum, etc., as they may cause harm to the metal braces. On the other hand, clear aligners pose no such restriction, and you can enjoy your favourite food items without thinking twice! 

With clear aligners, you can fix your underbite and transform your smile in the most comfortable and hassle-free way! They offer various advantages over conventional metal braces. 

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Let us also tell you that while going for clear aligners for underbite teeth treatment, it is crucial to go for a leading and trusted brand, like toothsi. They are the foremost lifestyle and healthcare brand, offering the best clear aligners to transform your smile! So, what are you waiting for? Book an online video consultation and kickstart your smile makeover today!