aloe regenerating tonic
aloe regenerating tonic


Summer tonic for skin damaged by UV rays

Easy to prepare tonic! Suitable for all skin types in the summer – the active ingredients of the tonic reduce the harmful effects of sunlight, contribute to faster skin reconstruction and prevent photoaging .

Everything is very simple – you just need to mix the ingredients in a certain order. And voila – you are the owner of a natural useful cosmetic product that you need to take with you on vacation to the sea. The tonic can even be used on baby’s skin!

The natural and specially selected composition will allow you to apply the tonic to skin that has been damaged by the sun.

The main ingredients of a regenerating tonic are mint water, aloe gel, dexpanthenol , allantoin and niacinamide .


Provitamin B5 – it penetrates the skin very easily and deeply (especially in the affected area) and has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.


An ideal ingredient for damaged skin – it has a calming and soothing effect.


A bioprotective plant – indispensable in medicines for skin care after sunburn and burns: it reduces redness caused by UV radiation, normalizes the skin temperature in the places of burns, and accelerates the regeneration of the skin epithelium.


It has a cooling , refreshing and even slightly analgesic effect on irritated and damaged skin.


A low molecular weight component, a form of vitamin B3 – has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, is responsible for skin regeneration and reduces the likelihood of discoloration.

Approximate weight of the finished product – 50g

  • Ingredients DIY aloe regenerating tonic
  • Mint water – 44 g
  • Niacinamide – 1.5 g
  • Aloe Vera gel – 1.5 g
  • Allantoin – 0.5 g
  • Dexpanthenol – 2 g
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Preparation method: DIY aloe regenerating tonic

  • In a glass beaker, mix Dexpanthenol and allantoin powder. Thoroughly mix the resulting gel until smooth.
  • Add a glass of mint water, stir until everything is perfectly combined .
  • Add aloe gel, niacinamide , mix well after adding each new ingredient.
    Transfer the tonic to a clean spray bottle.

Store the regenerating tonic with aloe Vera and niacinamide in a cool place (preferably in the refrigerator) for no more than 3 months.


Apply Regenerating Tonic Aloe Vera and Niacinamide to cleansed skin of the face and body after a shower, and in the case of sunburn, as many times a day as needed to soothe the condition.