pregnancy tips for healthy baby
pregnancy tips for healthy baby

During the period of pregnancy, the expectant mothers face a host of significant changes, including the expected increase belly. It is important that pregnant women and mime care than usual and continue with the same physical and intellectual activity had before conceiving.

The months of pregnancy are ideal for care, give up bad habits and regain a healthy lifestyle. It is important that pregnant women look beautiful and feel completely happy and enjoy a sweet expectation. Here gives some top pregnancy tips for the women.


Healthy Diet in Pregnancy Period

Doctors advise a pregnancy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber and protein-meat, fish and eggs, and low in animal fats. You should be taken in moderation sweets, bread, pasta, sugar and in general, all carbohydrates.

Until the gynecologist not authorization, after you undergo some tests to show that you are immune to toxoplasmosis, you should avoid taking sausages and ham. During the nine months of gestation avoid taking meat and raw fish.

Skin Care in Pregnancy

Your skin is your beauty, in pregnancy period you should care your skin health.

Hormonal changes, the increase in volume and produce secretions weight cutaneous irritation and dehydration in the dermis. Are frequent stretch marks and the only way to prevent them is keeping the skin clean and moisturized at all times, in addition to specific skin treatments during the gestation period.

It is good to remember that if you want to breastfeed the baby future must prepare in advance nipples and moisturize delivery full breasts.

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Sunbathe in Pregnancy

Doctors recommend that moms with sunscreen take the sun, because it favors the formation of vitamin D in the skin, increases the absorption of calcium in bone structure and prevent rickets.

A little exercise in pregnancy period

The pregnant woman should do exercise for his own benefit, is the only way to strengthen the muscles and have greater physical capacity and improve respiratory conditions.

As the months progress, constraints are greater. Swimming and brisk walking is the best exercise, but you can also play tennis, yoga or walking.

Not recommended sports like horse riding, skiing and cycling. Before wear sportswear, consult your doctor and follow his advice.

Goodbye bad habits in pregnancy period

Smoking seriously harms the health of mother and baby. In addition to altering the placenta, fetal growth decreases.

The blood alcohol harmfully affects the fetus; try not to drink in pregnancy period. Drug use during pregnancy puts baby creates dependence and a withdrawal syndrome after birth.

Medications in pregnancy

Without a prescription, do not take any medicine in pregnancy. Especially during the first eight weeks, when the fetus is forming.

Generally, gynecologists recommend taking daily folic acid and complexes that provide iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals in pregnancy time.