Benefits of C60
Benefits of C60


Benefits of C60:

C60 is the newest buzzword in the world of natural health. It is recommended for everything from avoiding sun burn, to hair growth, to longevity. C60 benefits the entire body and acts as an antioxidant to help protect against free radical damage.

This molecule works by donating electrons to neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidation. You’ll typically see it as a C60-infused olive oil, but it can also be dissolved in other oils or sold in capsule form.

What is C60?

C60 is short for “Carbon 60”. It refers to the number of carbon atoms that, when connected, form a molecule called a fullerene. More specifically, a Buckminsterfullerene, or “Bucky balls” for short.

This strange name comes from the scientist and architect Buckminster Fuller. He often used geodesic domes (like those you might see in a botanical garden) in his building designs. These domes resembled the newly discovered molecules, so the molecule was named after him in his honor.

The scientists who made these discoveries received a Nobel Prize for their work in 1996.

Where does the C60 come from?

C60 is a synthetic molecule derived from graphite in a laboratory. Scientists vaporize graphite so the carbon can form new bonds, changing its shape to that of a soccer ball.

C60 as a health supplement

C60 first came to attention with the landmark 2012 Baati Rat Study. This study looked at the effects of C60 on toxicity, oxidative stress, and longevity.

According to researchers, the benefits of C60 can help with a long list of health problems, including:

  • sun damage/sunburn
  • radiation protection
  • viral infections
  • oxidative stress
  • amyloid plaques in the brain (related to Alzheimer’s disease)
  • allergies
  • improve brain activity
  • It can also boost the immune system against cancer and promote healthy hair growth.. That’s a lot of benefits in one small molecule! The researchers concluded that fullerene promoted longevity in rats, with interesting possibilities for humans. They pointed out that C60 could be the most efficient material for longer life.

Fullerene C60 is a powerful antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals. as superoxide the body. Although superoxide is a natural byproduct of our cells’ metabolism, it’s not something we want to mess around with.

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According to research from 2013, scientists believe it works by absorbing protons, creating a positive charge. When C60 crosses cell membranes and reaches the mitochondria, our body’s natural energy producers, it decreases oxidative stress.

Fat Soluble vs Water Soluble

It is important to note that there is a difference between fat-soluble C60 and water-soluble C60. Mice given water-soluble Carboxyl C60 went from a lifespan of 120 to 128 days. That’s just an increase of 6.67%. Regular C60 dissolved in olive oil nearly doubled the lifespan of the mice.

However, there have been some mixed results. Although this research seems impressive, a more recent study from 2021 did not get the same results. The scientists did not see any improvement in the animal’s lifespan.

Health benefits C60

C60 molecules have a wide range of potential benefits for general wellness. Although most of the research is in animals, there are some human studies as well. Scientists have explored C60 benefits for skin cerein human trials and the results are encouraging.

Benefits of C60 for skin care

According to research, C60 may have anti-aging effects and promote clear, youthful skin. When used in lotion, it has been shown to protect against sunburn. C60 also appears to help with acne, based on a small study of a gel containing C60. Applying the gel twice a day for two months helped reduce breakouts and plump up the skin.


C60 can help reduce skin inflammation when it comes to eczema. In a Nanobiotechnology mouse study , C60 helped calm inflammation and restore the skin barrier. But the benefits for reducing inflammation go beyond the skin. A 2019 rat osteoarthritis study found that C60 was also helpful for inflamed joints.


This molecule with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help slow down the aging process. As mentioned above, scientific studies showed a potentially longer life expectancy in animals. Again, it was most effective at doing this when dissolved in oil.

Energy boost

C60 could even replace your morning cup of coffee. C60 can help with energy production by collecting within the mitochondria. It acts as a buffer against reactive oxygen species (ROS), which slow down energy production. While it may not happen to everyone, most people notice improved energy and metabolism.

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Healthy weight

Another potential effect of C60 is weight loss. In an animal study, researchers found that C60 not only reduced inflammation, but also helped normalize weight. Since weight gain and inflammation often go hand in hand, it makes sense that less inflammation could also lead to weight loss.

Another way that C60 can also help with weight loss is by addressing metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Research in the journal Biomaterials found that the C60 in squalane oil helped stop fat cells from forming. Scientists suggested using this for metabolic syndrome and other obesity-related problems.

brain and cognition

Insulin resistance can also play a role in Alzheimer’s disease, with some even calling it Alzheimer’s disease type 3 diabetes. Amyloid plaques are another key feature of Alzheimer’s disease. In a 2017 rat model of Alzheimer’s, C60 helped improve learning and memory by protecting against amyloid plaque formation.

C60 may work in part by reducing inflammation and addressing metabolic syndrome.

cancer support

The benefits of C60 could even help with cancer recovery. In a 2021 mouse study, researchers combined C60 powder with nano-sized diamond powder to create a compound. The combination was then used on the cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct and shrink the tumor. Scientists hope that this combination could help increase survival time in cancer patients.

Because C60 is so good at dealing with free radical damage, it can also help with cancer. It is this oxidative damage to DNA that leads to abnormal cell growth and eventually to a diagnosis of cancer.

Benefits of C60 for Muscle Recovery

Another rat study from 2017 explored whether C60 could decrease muscle fatigue by speeding up recovery time. The rats that received this solution needed less recovery time and had more endurance. When we increase our ability to exercise, other positive changes occur, including increased oxygenation and better flexibility.

EMF and Radiation Mitigation
C60 seems to act as a buffer against EMF and radiation. For radiation exposure, it may even work better than taking iodine. More research is needed, but C60 appears to make the body more resistant against radiation and electromagnetic stress.

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C60 Side Effects

Research on the benefits of C60 is still in its infancy and there is some evidence of toxicity, especially in large amounts. A 2021 study in Geroscience questioned whether C60 in olive oil could really help extend shelf life. The researchers also raised the question of whether exposure to light could cause toxins to form in the oil.

In animal studies, C60 olive oil exposed to light was toxic to mice. This shows the importance of getting a brand that is packaged in a dark bottle and then storing it in a cool, dark place.

While we don’t yet know if C60 can promote longer life in humans, there are many other benefits to taking it. Less inflammation, better memoryand better resistance are good reasons to try the C60.

Also, with its potential to shield the body from radiation and electromagnetic fields, it is very timely with the launch of 5G. With Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, and smartphones, we are exposed to much more radiation than in the past.

How to use C60 and where to get it

There are a few different ways to take this miracle molecule. C60 is available in liquid form, dissolved in olive oil, avocado oil, MCT coconut oil, or even black seed(Nigella sativa) oil. You can also get it in capsule form, which should include one of those carrier oils.

It is recommended that the average 150 pound person take one teaspoon a day in the morning. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. The amount is often based on body weight (grams or milligrams per kilogram) to get the correct concentration. Baati’s animal study used 1.7 mg/kg as they were investigating toxicity levels. Even at these high doses, C60 was not shown to be toxic in rats.

By selecting a high quality C60 product be sure to look for these things:

  • Dark/amber bottle, which protects the C60 from light
  • certified organic oils
  • Solvent free
  • Third Party Tested
  • Very concentrated. Must be 99.95% to 99.99% pure C60
  • After researching C60 supplements, I found this one from Purple Powerwhich meets my standards.