In the last days all our routines have changed. From the ones we did every day, like going to work in a certain place, to the ones we did every once in a while during the week, like going to the gym, the pool or our rehabilitation center.

Despite the exceptional situation we are experiencing,  psychologists, trainers and health specialists recommend maintaining the same daily routines  that we did until just before quarantining: showering, dressing to telework, eating three to five times a day and of course  exercise . 

In the same way that in our home we prepare a place to sleep or work,  we recommend that you look for a space , no matter how small, in which you can exercise. You don’t need a lot of space, just enough to unfold a mat, for example, near a wall, so you can get a few minutes of exercise a day.

It is true that we may not be able to perform exactly the same exercise, during the same time and with the same intensity as when we went to the gym, but it is important, as little as possible, to  move a few minutes a day . And the more the better. 

What kinds of simple exercises can you do at home?  

  • Stretches . They are your main ally these days. It is the minimum movement that your body needs to maintain elasticity. 
  • Push-ups : You can do them on the floor, but also supporting the arms on the bed.
  • Abs : There are many different types. Try doing those you already did in the gym. 
  • Jump rope : To do this you will need a little more space, but not much more. Make sure there are no lamps or tall furniture, such as bookshelves, that can interrupt the path of the rope above your head. 
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On our website you will find different exercise routines , although to liven up the quarantine we want to propose  five youtubers to keep you fit at home .

Can you come with us? Let us begin! 

1. Amaiafit

Amaia Gallastegui lives in Getxo (Vizcaya) and is truly passionate about sports and healthy living. She has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and is an instructor for Pilates Mat and Studio. The best of your videos? He offers you simple routines that we can all do and also teaches you the living room of his house, so you feel fully accompanied while exercising. On his YouTube channel you have a wide variety of exercises and proposals to choose the one that best suits your physical shape. 

2. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Leslie Sansone created Walk at Home with a very clear objective: to help as many people as possible to enjoy one of the main daily activities: walking. Can you imagine turning the simple act of walking around the house into a true science? We’ve selected Leslie because these days she can help you cope with quarantine and even make it funnier for you. Even if it’s in English, you can “· follow in their footsteps”, never better said, because it’s a very visual channel and Leslie describes her movements very well while doing them. 

3. Patry Jordan

To give you an idea of ​​the importance and impact that Patry has as an online fitness instructor, this year her YouTube channel, gymvirtual , is ten years old. During this time she has become one of the best-known youtubers and with the largest number of followers in our country. We recommend it to you because your exercises are a window to relaxation, delicacy and naturalness. In this YouTube channel you have exercises to work, alone or accompanied, all the parts of your body without the need for complementary gymnastic materials. 

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4. Sergio Peinado

Behind Sergio Peinado’s training philosophy lies the idea that, whatever you train, your body will change and it will thank you. The important thing, yes, is that you move. His YouTube channel is an ode to the combination of physical exercise with a good diet. We have selected it among the top 5 because over time it has been able to create a video for each objective: from walking a little more each day to toning the muscles, losing weight or increasing muscle mass. 

5. Passion 4 Profession

Passion4Profession is a very complete personalized training YouTube channel with a wide variety of routines and exercise proposals to perform from home. Although the videos are originally in English, it has a Spanish version where you will find the same proposals. The channel is very enjoyable because it plays with multimedia proposals in various dimensions, so you can see how an avatar trains, but also how its muscles contract while exercising. 

6. Elisa Riveres

Wellness Guide is Elisa Riveres YouTube channel , which offers us tips and exercises that we can do at home these days in a simple way. Although his channel is new, we like his approach of care and responsibility and we believe that it can be a very entertaining proposal for these days of obligatory rest.