The sun is burning. The general public who is a software engineer should take some precautions during the season. Consider how to avoid dehydration.


Avoid sun exposure as much as possible

avoid sun exposure

The best way to be away from home the sun is to hot go out during the sunny season. But that is not possible for everyone. Do not go out during the afternoon as much as possible and do not forget to cover your head if you have to go. Use a hat or a thin cotton cloth, if possible, take an umbrella. Noon to 3 o’clock in the afternoon is a dangerous time. 1 to 5 hours of dryness.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydrate often in the summer. Due to sunny heat and sweat, excess water is released from the body. Lack of proper levels of water in the body is called dehydrate. This can be very risky. This is why you should always drink water, or fruit juice. Don’t forget to always carry a water bottle with you no matter where you go. Do not forget to put a water bottle on your table while doing a thousand desk job.

drink more water

Eat more fresh fruit and avoid junk ingredients

Take an easy digestive diet in the summer. So keep fruits and vegetables high in your daily diet. Plan to have summer fruit servings minimum of three to four times a day. Drink juices as many times as possible. It not only keeps you relaxed but also improves your digestive system.

fresh fruits

High Dredge and Exercise

summer excercises

If you are doing the day exercises, make sure you are completely hydrated. Do not forget to drink plenty of water before and after exercising. Avoid alcohol altogether, especially in the day before exercising, as well as do not exercise with a hangover.

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